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chair2 - stacking pedestal chair -

Chair2 is a chair for domestic / contract use that has a simplified footprint to simplify floor cleaning, and is stackable. It is a pedestal stacker constructed out of a powder coated tubular steel frame and laminated plywood seat panels. My intention was to re propose some of the excitement and simplicity that the bauhaus proposed and industrial processes carried through the '50s and '60s, yet with a contemporary and practical twist.

The detailing of the slot/handle and the two stainless
steel fixings are evocative of a generic imaginative robot, something that existed in films back in the '60s, but that is barely a reality now and adds to this quality.

Chair2 is the result of my original brief that was to create a chair for domestic/contract use that had a simplified footprint for ease of cleaning, and was stackable.

Chair2 is British Registered design No. 3012080


Q: Is it comfortable?
A: Of course! Most of its development was put into its ergonomics.

Q: Doesn’t it wobble?
A: Of course, however structural and ergonomic constraints forced me to balance it in such a way that it’s movement is not a problem, regardless of your body type.

The photo shoot with Anita Barry was intended to recreate
the quality of images that meet the same
sort of sterile yet exciting modern that
the adverts for Saarinen's Tulip chair had in the late '50s, making modern
furniture not only appear sophisticated, but sexy.