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Decoflage is a device developed as a post-post-modern homage to neo-classical wallcoverigs and fabric patterns. As ornate and decorative as its fathering patterns, it has a familiar and comfortable aspect to it, however its post-modern quality stems from the fact that it originated from camoflage. It is a Rorshach of camoflage, a repeated and regular pattern created out of an intentionally random design, organized chaos, or a camoflage that resembles that of an animal much more than that of the military.

I intend the pattern to be used as a domestic camoflage, as on differnt scales, and in differnt colours it can disguise different domestic blemishes, as well as emiliorating and enriching environments without recurring to classical patterns that can be regarded both overused or cliche'd as well as tacky.

The design was submitted to Formica's 'Design a Laminate 2005' competition, however variations on decoflage will soon be available as stencils and tileable patterns.