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Abroad, Galleria Entroterra, Milan
Salon, Whitecross Gallery, London

Arte, an article in the Italian art magazine Arte, Feb issue


Domestic Zirkus, 27th Feb - 4th March 2009, Whitecross Gallery, LONDON. A solo exhibition of photography (FeltusFeltusKrauseBliemel).

FeltusFeltusKrauseBliemel, 6th March onwards, Citizen's Theatre, GLASGOW. A solo exhibition: our first public show in Scotland.

The Feltus brothers (FeltusFeltus), together with Caroline Bleimel and Elizabeth Krause, create a "theatre of the absurd": a series of photographic images, strong in pictorial composition, which explore the inner and most personal side of what could be seen as an unsettling group of characters, born into the world of performance and at times forced into a niche of empty stereotype.
The artists themselves engage in surreal self-portraiture, embodying these characters, who range from early circus performers to fallen saints, in a style that evokes the films of Fellini and the paintings of Christian Schad.

"A stunning work of art from a talented new voice in video, photography and film... [...]

Tobias Feltus's "Conscious Life" is a near-perfect example of the symbiosis between picture and sound that is only possible within these two forms. They called The Jazz Singer a "talkie" in 1927 because human speech, or a lack thereof, was the real defining quality of the silent films that preceded it. Aereogramme's music contains words, but they aren't directly spoken by any of the characters in "Conscious Life." Rather they serve as our guide through the psychology and context behind the happenings on screen." -Imran at Obtusity

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Ballads Of The Book, a documentary. Thursday 1st of March, 23.30, STV.

Our collaborative efforts have come together, and will be shown to Scotland on STV. I contributed stills and animated chapter headings/credits to this film full of irony and starring some of Scotland's greatest musical and literary talent, narrated by Pat Nevin. <more info>

Images and video copyright Tobias Feltus, Polite, Caledonia TV and STV © 2006-2007

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