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Logo design is always fascinating, as a logo can be a brand image, or seal, which then represents the party in question. One of my first logo designs is my own. I wanted a stand alone image, that could work in monochrome, and be able to function on any surface, even as a tattoo.

Amphibian Husbandry

Amphibian Husbandry is Ainslie Henderson's label under which he released his debut album Growing Flowers By Candlelight.
The logo is based on a tadpole, and a CD.

Innovation [Carlton Travel Goods]

Innovation was a range of luggage that I pitched for in 2005. Carlton wanted to add an edge to their luggage lines, and I stepped in with a proposal and a logo.
The logo was to communicate that the Innovation range stands out from the norm.

Field Organisation

The Field Organisation was an architectural firm in London. The logo, sadly, was never used, as the company reformed after less than a year, and before they managed to brand their image.


FeltusFeltus is the name under which the brothers Tobias and Joseph Feltus work in their collaborative efforts, which involve animation, short films and photography.

Baxi Partnership Ltd.

In 2002 I worked on the re branding of the Baxi Partnership with Jonathan Crawford. Baxi re branded when the company changed to employer share ownership. we designed their logo and a font for their stationary.


In 2003 I created a concept for a fashion label centered around a more appealing and diverse collection of menswear.


Feltibus is the trade name under which Joseph Feltus works in animation.


These are some primordial proposed logos for Fallon Carberry, as a fashion label.

Lisa Kant

The LK device was designed for Lisa Kant (aka Lisa Cantone) for her solo website. She is currently the lead singer for Fiamma Fumana.


Osspray are a company who deal in dental abrasive drilling technology. My designs were, sadly, discarded for an in house proposal.

The Nightmare A'fore Christmas

TNAC was a charitable gothic christmas ball. I did the design for their publicity for 3 years as my donation. The character is called Pussybat, and had 3 incarnations.