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Minus - a guide to stylistic sustainability

A chair plus Minus plus a chair equals a FeltusFecit original...

with Minus I am democratizing design, and pushing for its sustainability and longevity. I am catering for the thousands who live in Victorian flats and have no understanding of what looks good in them, and hence have a cacophonous mix of styles and periods. So I am telling them how they can mix things themselves to make them work together, rather than against each other.

The diagram displays how, through the simple recombination of three items of furniture that you may have deemed obsolete, negative, and against the aesthetic that you aspire to live with, you can obtain one or more perfectly acceptable, contemporary, personalized, authentic and unique pieces of High Design. FeltusFecit Originals. Moreover this intervention has improved your health, lifestule and decor, without having had any great impact on your budget or the environment.

Stylistic sustainability embraces cliches, the obsolete and out-of-fashion, reproposing it with a new life of couture value and environmental praise, whether it is 'the' environment, or 'your' environment in question.

Tobias Feltus (, 2004.