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lamp no. 2 "Calum"

Lamp No.2 is a prototype of a series of products in the making that will define an a new movement in design, a form of Post-Neo Classical-Modernism: a trend, or occurrence, and movement in design and lifestyle that is driven less by discovery and technology (as in the case with Art Deco) and more by a lack of personal culture and the intrinsic need for customization. It is the need to make a Sony Wega system not look out of place next to a Rodin sculpture; a new movement that answers to the need for contextualization of design, and fills the large gap that may still be called po-po-mo. It is a style and philosophy that encompasses the jungle that is considered contemporary design.

Lamp No. 2 is a post-modern interpretation of a neo-classical lamp. The cast bone china is treated with a photoluminescent pigment to provide a secondary source of illumination to the halogen bulb which illuminates the lamp like a candle. The ornate shape is cast and left crude and unfinished, in contrast with its original gilt and polished cousins, and in a post-modern Tadao Ando-esque manner.

Lamp No.2 "Calum" is featured in the January issue of ELLE Decoration (UK), on page 33.