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Table1 is a small table that was designed to compliment the design of Chair2 in a bar or restaurant environment. It was first shown at Doll's On|Off in September 2003 at NAM in London.

The peculiarity about the otherwise simple design is in its split top and rubber surfacing. The images below show what I was interested in achieving. As Chair2 was born out of my desire to limit the amount of floor space occupied by a set of dining chairs for cleaning purposes, Table1 takes this accomplishment further by accepting a horizontal stack of chairs into its middle, thus combining the floor space occupied by the table and four chairs.

Table1 is assembled from powder coated steel frame and two plywood surfaces that are surfaced with a durable rubber that not only is the finished surface of the table top, but also minimizes damage caused to the chairs that it hosts.

Table1 is British Registered Design No. 3014695

table 1 feltusfecit table 1 feltusfecit